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Deception in the name of giving job, 6 deceit detained

Deception in the name of giving job, 6 deceit detained

Uttara West Police Station Police has arrested 6 deceased on charges of cheating in the city’s Uttara district. On Tuesday night, on the complaint of the victim, Uttara 3 Sector No. 8 of Road Road No. 8 of the Road, Femas Corporation Private Limited, the house of the arrest of the deceased, they arrested the police and brought the police to the police. The detainees are Mohammad Rabiul Islam, 35, Golam Rabbani, 30, Nure Alam Siddiqui, 31, Nirob, 30, Hasan, 36, and Habibur Rahman, 20. Two more people escaped from the spot. Farjana Akhter, a victim of cheating, told the online representative that through a known person, join the service of Tk 10, 000, with a deposit of 40,000 rupees in the company of Uttara Femas Corporation Private Limited. Later, in order to meet the claims of the authorities, more than two acquaintances will be brought to the company for employment. They both gave eighty thousand taka. Even after taking the total amount of Taka 20,000, the incumbent institution could not provide any jobs. After 3 months, deceivers began to commit inhuman torture and sexual harassment to seek remuneration for payment of salaries and security. Police then detained 6 people after a fraud case was filed against 8 people in Uttara West Police Station in the incident. However, police could not arrest the chairman of the company Mortuza and Sanaullah. Uttara West Police Station OC investigator Abdur Razzak confirmed the arrest and said that the 6 deceased persons arrested after the case were sent to the court on Wednesday morning. Trying to catch the runaway 2 deceiver.

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