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Father worthy successor Fahmida Nabi

Father worthy successor Fahmida Nabi

On weekends, almost every channel is broadcasting special dramas and televisions. But none of those dramas and telefilms can be understood by anyone who is new and reproduced. That’s because a channel does not make it clear. It would have been nice to say In addition to the old program, if at least one drama and a new television were broadcasted in the week, then the richness of our industry would have been very rich. The topic of our discussion is direct song ‘Ichhe song noon’. In the presentation of Dipi Anwar, the program was broadcast on January 5, at 2:30 pm on Macharanga TV. On this day the artist was Fahmida Nabi. On the same day, he also presented a song program in Bangla Vision. Considering the present young generation, artist Fahmida Nabi can be called the previous generations. But he is equally popular to the present young generation. He has singed for more than two hours continuously on this occasion. Most of his songs have been made, with him a song of two Mahmudunnabi. In a word, the father’s worthy successor Fahmida Nabi His voice is sweet and attractive. Noteworthy for many, with the age, the voice turns away from the tune of the tune, but Fahmida Nabi’s voice is still flabby on the screen. He started Baba Mahmudunnabi’s famous ‘I traveled through seven seas’ song. Then one of them has singed himself. For example, ‘if you thought you had a passionate river’, ‘you painted my color in black black life’, ‘why do not you see what I am sitting in the sky’, ‘do not remember what’, ‘hidden hideaway stories’ etc. He again sang his own song. For example, ‘Who do you tell me not me?’ In all, he kept the entire program with his own presentation. Your foundation is to compile the artist with his work, pursuit and personal characteristics. Many people can do it; Many people can not, do not understand. In this case, the artist Fahmida Nabi can be said to be immensely special. His lyrics, tunes and presentations have their own characteristics. His songs seem to be the story of the heart. Lurkhuri hidden hide story Even though this show, we have a lot to learn from our current young generation. On January 5, at 6:30 pm Saberi Alam’s presentation was broadcast on the country TV, a different program Namenetakkor. At this event both of the same namesake writers, artists, or artisans were invited. Then there is a detailed discussion on the subject of their personal life, workplaces, and so on. As much interest as you hear about the show, I do not know why it does not look as attractive. Two people with the same name can be seen, in most cases, the least known or the inhabitants of the two worlds. As a result, conversations are not intimate, they are very formal. As it was on this day news presenter Farhana Nisho and actor Afran Nisho were present as guests. They did not get the conversation even after they were family-friendly. Maybe they say they are different in personal life and workplace. Apart from this, presenter Saberi Alam was also limited to a formal question-answer session, did not go towards any humor or juvenile conversations. Apart from this, there is a lack of clarity and intimacy in the form of his presentation. As a result, the visitors are so excited about the event, that after the ceremony, the frustration has taken place. So, we think the authorities have a new idea about the program.

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