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Government deadlock: The United States faces the problem

Government deadlock: The United States faces the problem

On Friday night, the drama is going on between US President Donald Trump and Congress members to stop government programs. The minority Republican camp in the Senate has failed the night-to-month attempt to support the Democrats in opposition to a bill related to government funding until February 16. This led to the closure of US government programs without urgent service. What is happening in the United States of the stalemate? There are few government officials and employees now, due to the cost of operating government programs; They will be forced to work on temporary leave or leave for an unpaid holiday. However, they are responsible for the staff of the essential sectors, especially in public safety and national security. Similar situation was created in the regime of former President Barack Obama in 2013. However, a bill was passed to Congress to ensure the salary of the officials and employees who were forced to leave for free. A top US official on Friday said they can take similar measures for unpaid vacation officials and employees. In October 2013, during the Obama administration, government programs were closed almost two weeks. At this time, about 8 lakh government officials and employees went on an unpaid holiday. However, only the number of officers and employees can get the same result; There is no official instruction in the service yet. What will happen now The US Defense Department on Friday said the US military’s operations against the Islamic State (IS) in Syria or Iraq and Islamic State (IS) in Iraq because of the closure of official activities; There will be no impact on this. Activated 13 million military officers will perform their duties. But civil servants will be on an unpaid holiday. Similar situation was created in 2013. Judiciary There are many emergency personnel in the judiciary of the country. In the next plan to stop the government, 95 thousand of the 1,15,000 workers of the judiciary will perform their duties. Financial surveillance is carried out by collecting financial fees from financial industry institutions; Securities and Exchange Commission, the stock market regulator; But the budget of the organization is set in congress Although the government was closed, the company said in the past that it can continue its activities. However, due to Congress failure in approval of the budget, some members of this organization will have to go for free leave. On the other hand, about 95 percent of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission has to leave immediately. However, in the moment of emergency, the organization will be able to engage their staff. On Friday, the Trump Administration said on Friday that more than one thousand people in the White House’s 1,715 employees would have to leave on vacation. However, adequate assistance will be given to the president for carrying out constitutional responsibilities. Besides, administration officials will be provided with the World Economic Forum President Donald Trump during a visit to Davos in Switzerland. Trump administration plans to launch national park in charge of national park rangers and security personnel. The non-profit National Parks Organizations say that due to the closure of the park in 2013, the number of visitors was reduced to around 7.7 million. Meanwhile, the National Park Service (NPS) says, if the park is closed, its neighborhood and Smithsonian Museum will lose $ 500 million in income. Washington’s tourist establishment 2013, the country’s popular tourist establishment, the Smithsonian Museum, was closed with Lincoln Memorial, Congress Library and National Archives. However, the officials are absent now, there is no plan to create obstacles in the entry of visitors to open monuments, Trump Administration Smithsonian authorities have announced to keep the museum open in the first week after government activities have been stopped. The Department of Taxation, the Liberal Center for American Progress, says the Internal Revenue Division has sent approximately 90 percent of its employees to vacation in 2013. As a result, about 4 billion dollars tax collection was delayed. There will also be stagnation in the activities of other important sectors of the country. Most employees of every sector will be on holiday now because of the government spending being stuck. While unpaid holidays, the Trump administration can take action to pay employees’ salary in alternative ways like the administration of Obama. However, the workers who are forced to leave for vacation will get salaries till January 26. Source: Reuters, Al Jazeera, New York Times.

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