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Healthy skin should be in the winter

Healthy skin should be in the winter

Skin care in the winter – In winter, due to the decrease in moisture and moisture, our body skin becomes dense, the nature of the outside also drys up and the amount of dust in the air increases. That’s why we have to take care of the skin during the winter to take care of our excessive care. We will discuss them today with regular baths: Many people want to stay away from bathing regularly during the cold; It is not only bad for you, but also causes various problems in the body. When you take a bath, the body will get the water in all places properly, so that the skin will be protected from being dry. So bathing regularly is very important. Use moisturizing soap: soap will be used less during winter; If you want to use it, please use soap with moisturizing. The skin tissue will decrease at the same time. This is an important issue. Use lotion: Use a moisturizing lotion before bathing and before sleeping, it will quickly eliminate skin disorders. As a result it can be easily preserved from the big problems such as itching and skin spots. Use olive oil: You can use olive oil every day after bathing and before going to sleep, it increases the moisture and luminance of the skin. It will be good for your skin. Hair care: There are many problems with hair like skin in winter; Especially the dandruff problem is high. So use shampoo on regular hair. Use sunscreen: During the winter, we all remember that there is no need to use our sunscreen because there is no heat. But a misconception, regular sunscreen. Take it 30 minutes before leaving the room. Use moisturizer cream: Use moisturizer cream for face care. As a result, the face skin will get the right moisture, the face will be bright and vivid. If you have acne problems, then mix a little water with cream and get good benefits. Lip Care: Most problems due to moisture loss are lip. In the winter, the lips quickly dry up and the lips burst. That’s why it is better to use your regular petroleum jelly in lip care. Never lip lips with tongue; Otherwise, the external organisms will come in your mouth. Hand and foot care: It is better to use glycerine to keep hands and feet smooth. If the hands become dry, they can use glycerin mixed water in hand, then the hands will not dry up fast. Those who have ankle rupture, they will use glycerine in the grass every day before the winter comes. If possible, stay shoe as much as possible. It will be good to have the skin on your feet.

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