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‘I could not believe my eyes’

‘I could not believe my eyes’

This week, the movie ‘Inspector Nottie K’, directed by Nusrat Faria, was about to be released nationwide. The first joint production, after the exchange deal, was planned to release the film, but it was not possible at the end. The film was released on Friday in West Bengal, India. It is known that if all the process is complete, the exchange agreement will be released in Bangladesh on Friday. Earlier, the actress had talked with this film. He said that some of his words surround this image.

How is the response from Nusrat Faria to ‘Inspector Nati K’ from India? Good response. There was talk of the film before the release. The campaign has run more. After two more days the audience’s reaction will be well known. Have you seen the picture? Yes The opening day of the film was inaugurated in a multiplex of Calcutta on the first day of its release. I saw the picture with around 200 guests invited. The story of the film is so funny that at some places I laugh about my dialogue. The picture was also about liberation in Bangladesh together. But in the end it was not. Did not feel bad? It looks very bad. But the rules will continue to follow. Since the film’s work could not be done in joint production. Later, preparations for the liberation of Bangladesh were made in the import policy. But the processing of photos could not be completed in time. Soon there is talk of liberation in Bangladesh. But I am concerned – if the picture becomes piracy in Kolkata, then this picture can not be done in Bangladesh anymore. When released in Bangladesh, did some know? Jazz Multimedia has imported the image in Bangladesh. I learned from them that ‘Inspector Nottie K’ could be released in Bangladesh on Friday. From January 24, I and I will start the photo campaign in Bangladesh. It is very excited about that. There is more to this than that, which is a day of excitement today. What is that? When Inspector Nati K had asked from Telegraph magazine in Kolkata, who was my favorite hero outside of Tally? In response, I said, Hrithik Roshan was earlier, now Varun Dhawan. I tweeted a link to that interview. In the morning, I see what my favorite hero Varun Dhawan like! I could not believe my eyes! Believe me, I’m still in the dark!

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