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Innovate new technology to protect against diabetes

Innovate new technology to protect against diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is a hormone-related disease. If the human body does not make enough insulin in the pancreas, or if the body fails to use insulin to produce it, then the disease that occurs in the human body is ‘diabetes’ or ‘diabetes’. Then the presence of sugar or sugarcane in the blood occurs as an incompatibility. The main cause of this disease is insulin deficiency. Hormones released from pancreas, with the help of which cells can use glucose from the blood to be used for energy. If there is no one or two of the ability to produce insulin or insulin, then the blood slowly increases in blood glucose. And if it is not controlled, then there are many complications such as body tissues and instruments are gradually baked. The great medicine of diabetes patients was painful insulin injection. Diabetes patients use this insulin injection to try to get diabetes control. Diabetes patients do not have to take any more painful insulin injections from this time. Because one of the Indian researchers in a research center published in Nominal Journal, Plus One, Endocrinology claims that they have invented a chemical substance that acts like insulin in the body. The chemical is effective in two types of diabetes (diabetes 1 and 2 diabetes). Researchers claim that the chemicals can be used as a drug in the future. Sameer Bhattacharya, a scientist of the research, said, “The chemical substances that we have created DMP have been successful by applying it to the rat.” It also said that the science professor of Tezpur University of Assam, Chemistry of Science, Mihir Chowdhury is the head of the role, said SKM’s endocrinologist Sathinath Mukherjee If the chemical tests on humans are successful, then they will Udha the market will bring. “DMP will work in that way to prevent diabetes. (Diabetes one), the pancreas beta cells are completely destroyed. As a result, insulin can not be made. In these cases, the patient has to take insulin out of the body. (Diabetes II) insulin is made in the body. But its amount is less and the insulin can not function properly inside the body. Researchers say that the new chemical (diabetes one) will act as the perfect insulin. And in the case of diabetes (2), the body will reduce the amount of fat, which will enable the insulin that is in the body immediately. Endocrinologist said, during the time of diabetes, the production of fat from the body was stopped. For this, the fat attached to the food or the food can not break glucose. Contrary to the accumulation of the body, there is a clogged stiffness in different parts of the body. For the sake of the fat that can not be accumulated in the body, two medicines were started at the time of the market. But due to its side effects in the body, in different countries of the Americas and Europe, they completely prohibit the use of drugs. Scientists claim the DMP is completely safe compared to that. SAM Bhattacharya further said, “DMP will stimulate the process of generating energy from the fat like on one hand, and will act like insulin. Besides, if the insulin production process is inactive in the body then it will also be activated immediately. Among other endocrinologists, Biswajit Ghosh Dastidar said, “The existence of various types of molecule is coming forward, which will play a very important role in fighting against diabetes. GLP One Analog has been known to help with diabetes as well as reduce weight.

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