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Islam is not terrorism Islam is the religion of Islam

Islam is not terrorism Islam is the religion of Islam

When the word of terror is heard, the heart gets scratched. It can be seen if the word is reviewed, cum + fright = terrorism. Fear of fear or fear ‘Terrorism’ means – too much fear or scary conditions. Terror is the name of creating a scary situation in public life. Those who create scary conditions in society are called terrorists. People come to the world without being innocent, but the situation makes them terrorists. People are terrorists due to folly, bigotry and poverty. People are terrorists despite the influence of prestige. If there is no punishment for a guilty person in the society, terrorism in society becomes increasing. Again, due to unstable political environment terrorism was born. Whatever the cause of terrorism, Islam never supports it. The clear statement of Islam in this regard is: ‘Those who struggle with Allah and His Messenger and try to create mischief in the country, their punishment is that they will be killed or abducted or expelled from the country. This is the worldly assault for them. And in the Hereafter they have a severe punishment. (Al-Qur’an, Surah Ma’idah, verse 33). Allahpak says in the Qur’an al-Qur’an, “Do not make mischief in the earth after making the earth immemorial and stable.” (Surah Al-Araf, Ayat 56). Here, the Fasad means that Allah means stealing, robbery, murder and all other terrorist activities. In the 77th verse of Surah Qasah, Allah said, “You will not create turmoil in the earth, surely Allah does not like the evil person.” Similarly, in the 21st chapter of Surah Al-Baqarah, Allah said, “Creating mischief is a more difficult crime than murder.” No Muslim knowingly killed anyone If Allah will punish him, then He has determined that Hell is permanent. Allah says, ‘If a person kills a believer intentionally, his punishment is hell, then he will be in it forever. Allah has been angry with him, has cursed him and has prepared a great punishment for him. “(Surah An-Nisa, Ayat 95) It is said in the Qur’an that ‘Allah forbid whom you should not kill, do not kill him without due cause. If someone was killed unjustly, I would have given his heir the right to retaliate. But if he does not commit excesses in killing, he has been helped (Surah Al-Isra, verse 33). Tirmidhi came to a tradition of Sharif, that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “The abominable thing is to kill a Muslim rather than to destroy the world.” Allah said in Surah Mumtahanah verse 8 verse: “Allah is with you (those non-Muslims) Do not forbid justice, those who have not fought or quarreled with you. “From this statement of Allah we can clearly see that the minority Muslims who are not hostile to Islam; Rather, interested in peaceful co-existence, Islam has never given permission for aggressive agitation against them. Islam is the religion of peace, religion of humanity. Islam, by ensuring peaceful coexistence of all people irrespective of caste, religion and caste. Islam wants to create ways for mutual love, harmony, brotherhood and welfare efforts. So that all the servants of Allah can devoted themselves to the welfare of themselves and for others. Muhammad’s Messenger (s.), The pioneer of the salvation of the world, the emancipator of peace, and the emancipation of the most horrible period of human history. At the time of his arrival, the Arab world or the whole world was very uncomfortable and full of terrorist activities. Due to the widespread terrorism, the name of the age was named ‘Iam Jahiliyat’ or the Age of Barbarism. The wealth of others was spoiled, orphaned goods, disgraced woman, drunken man in the skull, made necklace of neck and ears, and made of necklace. The Prophet brought him back to the society in the hollow of the downfall of the fall. At the young age of the Prophet, the Prophet was fighting against terrorism. He was formed with the help of a few peace-loving young people, ‘Hilful Fujal’. The organization’s main purpose was to stand beside the oppressed people. This was the first time in world history to counter terrorism. The Prophet (peace be upon him) stayed in Mecca for a short time after receiving the Prophethood. At this time he faced extreme terrorism. The trouble caused him great anxiety. In Madinah, he first created a constitution written in the name of ‘Madina Sanaad’. The main goal of the regime was to ‘liberate Madina from being declared a holy city and to free all crimes, including terrorism.’ Finally, she was successful in her efforts. There is evidence in the history that during his time alone, a woman could safely reach from one end of Madina to the other end. It also requires the establishment of rule of law for the elimination of terrorism. The prophet has actually shown it. According to the extent of the crime, he punished the perpetrator. The punishment of all crimes of murder, adultery, theft, robbery and terrorism came into effect in his time. Everyone in the eyes of the law was equal to him. The right way to judge seemed to be easy for him, he would have accepted it. His ideal was to adopt simple and intermediate methods, avoiding unnecessary harshness. But where he would become impotent, despite the reluctance he had to accept the extreme method. Anas bin Malek (Razi) said, once a girl was going somewhere outside of Madina for some need after ornaments. When the girl was walking alone along the secluded valley, a Jewish bandit wanted to snatch his ornaments

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