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Movies which are held in the year 2018

Movies which are held in the year 2018

A lot of hope started in the wake of the recently concluded 2017. The wave of success is not seen in the ocean of hope. However, a lot of relief was given to ‘Nawab’, ‘Politics’, ‘Sultana Bibiyana’, ‘Halda’, ‘Dub’, ‘Antar Jala’ and the movie market. And ‘Dhaka Attack’ made the producers, producers, viewers and filmmakers fresh in the sea of ​​hopes. The dubai industry has begun with boldness. Expectations, more successful films than Galber will be seen in the new year. In the meantime, big budget, excellent story, successful couple of films have also been created for years. Now just wait for the wait, who can stay ahead for the success. It can be seen at a glance that the name and identity of some of the film’s films are hoping to beat this year. Jannat was released in 2017. The film ‘Jannat’ directed by Mustafizur Rahman Manik will be released. But it was not possible for many reasons. It is expected that the film will be released in front of the love day of January or February of the new year in the future. According to the producer, ‘Since the year the film was not released, I do not want to rush. A good week will be released ‘Jannat’ by seeing. Not to say, this film surrounds many expectations in the Dhaka movie market. Kakrail Para has received much appreciation from the film. Booking agents are showing interest in the image. At the heart of this is a great business success picture ‘Padamon’, a pair named Simon-Mahi. They made a pair for the second time with ‘Jannat’ picture. There is also a love story in the heart of a picture like ‘Bardamon’, a love story. There is a picture of the diversified reality of life, the horrific image of the young people who are being victimized by the traders of the business community and the story of their passing. Simon-Mahio is optimistic about the film. Both of them exclaimed, ‘The image will be beyond the success of’ Bramhuman ‘. In the story of Sudipta Saeed, the film’s screenplay and dialogue has been done by Assad Zaman. The film also stars Aliraj, Misha Saudagar, Maruf and others. There are several Shorthandhum songs in it. Manik is hoping that these songs will be reminiscent for many days. Electrician Bobby went on to appear in the industry with a new identity in the industry. That is the producer Bobby. He has been in production for the first time. And in the first hand, a big budget movie. The main character is ‘Bijli’ where it will appear itself. He can be seen in superhero style like ‘Superman’ or ‘Krishi’. Power whose power is in power In the meantime, the film is going on with a loud cry. Bobby producer’s film is managed by his favorite producer Iftekhar Chowdhury. Kolkata’s model-actor Ranbir Kapoor is the hero of Bobby in the movie. The big budget movie ‘Bijli’ has been shot in Bangladesh, India, Thailand and Iceland. VFX has been in Hollywood The image has many expectations of booking agents. I will be the leader of the year by having many critics, the year is completed by the filmmaker Shakib Khan. But at the beginning of the new year this hero of the country is going to appear in front of fans of new enthusiasm. The film, titled ‘I’m Leader’, is about to be released in February. In front of this film, the good sky is being shot in front of many Shakib fans. It is also conceivable that the owners will always rely on Khan’s shoulders as well. In the film Shapala Media, the film stars Shakib Sinha Mim opposite Shakib Khan. Eight years after the success of the movie ‘My Pran Priya’, Shakib-Mim got together in the film again. Omar Sani, Moushumi, Kazi Hayat performing in other roles. In the story of the film, Shakib Khan will be seen on the field of politics. Love Bandhan Gazi Jahangir is building ‘Love Bandhana’. The popular pair of films, Bappi Chowdhury and Mahia Mahi, is starring in the film. The industry has made many prospects in the industry. Tannin Subha, Kaji Hayat, DJ Sohel, Kabila and child artist Abhishi are starring in many different roles in ‘Love Bandhon’. Gazi Jahangir has also documented the story, dialogue and screenplay. It is good that the producer Zakir Hossain Raju was willing to release the end of the year, his new film ‘Good Theco’. But that’s not the case. The picture is waiting for the new year to be released. Raju’s fate as a producer with Arifin Shuvo is very bad, because of the film para. But many people expect this picture to pass through that bad luck. This hope made by the love, family, and life-style of life will touch the heart of the viewer. In the film ‘Behko Hai’, Tanvira Tasania, the heroine of sweetheart, was paired opposite Arifin Shuvo. The new couple is debuting with this picture in the industry. The people of the film are dreaming to get the Shu-Tanah rain water in the industry which is suffering from a drought. Baramon 2 was released in 2013, ‘Baramon’ was the best commercial success of that year. Jazz Multimedia movie directed by Zakir Hossain Raju gave the gift of Simon-Mahi pair. The sequel of the movie is being produced with this continuation. But there is a lot of difference and change in the next installment in the next installment. Changed director and hero-heroine. Raihan Rafi has come instead of Zakir Hossain Raju. The hero came instead of Simon, instead of Mahi, new heroine Puja Cherie will be seen. Although all the new crowds are afraid of the film’s success, most of the filmmakers believe that it will also be successful with the inspiration of the film ‘Badamon’. Besides, Jazz’s glamorous campaign is still there. Chitaganga Poya, Noakhailya Maiya announces not to do more than two films a year, but at the end of the year

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