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That 8 benefits may come in Fitkiri

That 8 benefits may come in Fitkiri

Fattyqiri is usually used to pay water. But this little thing is more useful. Find out from our report that FATKIRI-1 helps you stay away from the disease. If there is any blow inside the mouth, then there is a fit of fate. Can burn, but dry the blow soon. But do not swallow the saliva. And keep away from the children. 2. The bacteria cause smell in the mouth. Fatty bacteria are able to overcome. Boil a glass of water. Mix one pinch of salt with it. Add the Fatty Kheer Powder. If the mixture is cold, then cool it. 3. Children often have eggs and lice in the head. Mix fatty powders in water and add some tea tree oil (T tray oil). After 10 minutes, massage the scalp. After that make shampoo. 4. Fattycari can be used in the face of acne. Make a pack with one spoon of mulatani soil, two-legged egg white and one spoonful flourkin powder. Wash the pack and wash it for 15 minutes. 5. After cutting a beard or after cutting, wash it with cold water and apply it. 6. If you have an age of impression, wash it with a piece of fatty water and rub it in the mouth. After that wash the face with cold water and apply moisturizer. 7. You can use it as deodorant. Mix the myrrh with fatty powders. Gluten-like 8. If you have legs on the leg, make a paste with fitter powder, yellow and water. If there is pain then apply it.

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