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The best voice names are announced in Bangkok

The best voice names are announced in Bangkok

The reality show ‘FizUp-Channel i Sekantai 2017’ is about to end on Sunday. Who is the ‘Serakantha’ now? It is known that the names of the winners of this competition can be known in Pattaya, Bangkok, Thailand, nowhere. Fuzzy-Channel i Serakantha 2017 competition is now going on in the competition, registration, initial pick-up, audience voters and judges. Today, Friday’s ‘Fizap-Channel i Sekantai 2017’ project director Ijaz Khan Swapan said in the first light that he has already reached a technical team to organize a festival on the coast of Patayeto in Bangkok. The competition is going to be held on Saturday morning, four judges of the competition, participants participating in different exhibitions including the competition. Ijaz Khan Swapan said, the grand finals will be full of surprise. Visitors will enjoy it on the TV screen. At the beginning of this competition, it has been found that Mitali Mukherjee has been appointed as a judge. And another surprise to organize banks in the grand finals. Tens of thousands of competitors are now running behind the best ten-fight The grand finals are Adiba, Sumna, Fatema, Oishee, Tariq, Trishya, Anisa, Tinii, Moumitia, Nannu, Dola and Apoll. Filmmaker Mahia Mahi and dance director Ivan Shahriar will perform dancers in grand finale for organizing ‘Fizap-Channel i Seerkantha 2017’ in Bangkok, Bangkok. Rabindranatha singing Imran and Konal A group of dancers will be participating in various events of the show ‘Best Dance’ on the reality show ‘Channel Eye’. Among them are Hriday Sheikh, Samia Athiri, Parsa Ivanha, Cynthia Yasmin, Mim Chowdhury, Mandira and Rhea. The judges in the ‘Fizap-Channel i Seerkantha 2017’ competition are Rezwana Chowdhury Banya, Mitali Mukherjee, Samina Chowdhury and Kumar Biswajit.

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