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The wheels of the car in the blood …

The wheels of the car in the blood …

The police did not take two seriously injured children in the accident that could cause the car to soak in blood. The police did not respond to the villagers’ request. Even in front of the accident, no one agreed to help the car. Finally, two young boys died on the road. The incident happened on Thursday night in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. A person on the spot made a full video of the incident. After the video spread widely in social media, there was a storm of condemnation of the role of police. NDTV reports that the state government’s ‘Dial 100’ project has been organized to keep the police’s role in any incident across the state. In order to speed up the police action, the government also gave more cars in 2016. But the police did not help but the accident occurred at the accident. The identities of two teenagers killed in the motorcycle were known. They are venerated Khurana and Sunny. Both of them are 17 years old. Three minutes of the video showed that the bloody two teenage boys were on the road. They have their motorcycle lying nearby. Some people are trying to pull them out. Under the ‘Dial 100’ project, three police patrolled patrol vehicles came to the spot. But the two boys did not pull them out of the road. Those three policemen did not want their cars to be washed in blood. ‘They are no children of anybody’ – A man was heard to express his heart to the police. ‘There is no car here. Take them. “- The person was repeatedly making excuses. Later in the presence of the police, people tried to stop some of the vehicles that were moving there. But no car stopped for help. It is also seen in the video, another person says to the police, ‘your car will be washed but …’. Nevertheless, police did not get any reminder. One of the three policemen said at the time, “Where the car is washed, we can sit all night.” Once another car came from the local police station. It’s too late. After taking the hospital two doctors declared the doctor dead. Saharanpur police chief Prabal Pratap Singh said that the three policemen who had gone to the accident heard about the scandal. They are complaining that they did not want to help in the hospital. The video shows that the charges are true. He said that the three policemen were fired. After receiving the inquiry report, the next action will be taken.

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