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What they said about Faria’s statement

What they said about Faria’s statement

‘Casting Cowch’ now emphasizes the importance of Hollywood and Bollywood. Recently, in an interview given in the first light, model and actor Faria Shahrien has also come up with a picture of a casting couch in Bangladesh. After talking about his experience in acting and modeling, in 2007, some people sat on runner up Faria in ‘Lux-Channel Eye Superstar’ contest. Among them are actors, as well as some producers and directors. According to them, what Faria said about Casting Couch, is not fair. Social media has made several comments on Facebook. Faria Shahiri’s title of ‘Directly Saying, How Much Money Will You Go?’, But many actors, directors and producers have been admired for many. According to Fariye, ‘I have experienced my experience in the face of my heart. Is it true that you have told me tomorrow? I am worried. “After publishing Faria’s interview, Facebook expressed dissatisfaction over this on the occasion of Actor Sangha’s event secretary Buna Mirza. He has written to Fariya, ‘Who is this? What do you do? Acting? Lux Superstar? Why this situation? You have to help him get some work. Work fine. Means acting The poor are very in danger. If you get some work, no one can say that. Eating … very frustrated. Everyone should help him. What is the name? Asked to contact us. See who is so brave Ish girl Maya looks very much. ‘Faria does not go too low. The senior artist got back the reply after receiving such comment from flood mirza. Fariya by saluting the flood mirza, ‘You can not recognize me. Because, you are my senior. I know you And I do not regret because you know me. Sadly, I am in great danger. God is keeping me well. I love working with the media and I want to work well. Can not say “just friends” by protecting all kinds of relationships with the creators, with whom you move. You wanted to help me, thank you But I do not need your help, sister. Working in the media I do not eat rice. But the media got the love of people working in the media. But some people’s dirty behavior has taken me away from this love. And we’ll learn from the senior. You can not expect such a pomp from me. After the Fariyar’s statement, he came to live on Facebook in the ‘Lux-Channel I Superstar’ competition of 2006. Nafiza Jahan, who is in the top ten of the competition, said. After being associated with acting, she has been married for several years in the United States. Nafiza said, ‘I was trying to find time out of the day seeing a news. I wanted to come to facebook live Because, after watching the news, I was shocked, I could not bear it anymore. ‘An Apa told his life story about the media. Media is so bad! Yes, the media is very bad. Referring to Faria as’ Princess Diana ‘, Nafiza said,’ Afa, the world-famous Princess Diana, the world famous princess Diana, if you are very bad, if the media people are so bad, why did you come to the media? Because of which everyone offered him the same, to do so, to eat coffee. Hey, there’s bad everywhere. You have to learn how to manage yourself. You have worked in the media for a day. But now nobody takes you to task. And for this you will mix the media with soil. If you used to drink milk powder, but could not tell the media so poorly in front of the people. Some people who know you, but this media, but by the media. Spitting on top, it is in your body. Mousumi Hamid, the 2010’s first runner-up of the Lux-Channel Eye Superstar competition, said that he had seen Faria Shahrin with a producer having coffee in the front. After saying this, Faria spoke to Moushumi Hamid in the messenger. There he asked Mousumi, why did he say this. Then Faria released the Firian’s conversation screenshots on Facebook with Moushumi Hamid. It is seen that Faria has excited for Moushumi, “Are you writing me in a gloria with a producer or a producer? I hear a little Do you want to comment? Do you have any personal problems with me? I do not remember. Who’s the ball? Then I also hear. ‘Moussumi Hamid said,’ I have no problem with you, Apu. I personally like you from banglalink tvc Because, you are so beautiful. But you have to answer your family in one statement after another. Not everyone is one, but you You know what we are working in the media. You do not care for anyone. It’s good. But the common people say that we are rotten, api. Your family has the ability, leave the job and go abroad. Not everyone has this capability. They have to work. You, I, we are all one, colleague. Although some of these direct talks with Faria, some of the actors and producers have supported various comments. Among them are Nadia Ahmed, Srabani Ferdous, Tuhin Barua, Pallab Biswas, Alvi, Jaini, Shashi, Naushin, Shyamal Mawla, Mousumi Nag, Bandhon, Thini, Chayanika Chowdhury, Moushumi Hamid and others. Many people have praised Farai’s brave statement, even though he has been criticized from colleagues. One of the names of Touhid Ahmed said, ‘Your words are unpleasant truths. To work in the media, many girls have to do cacrifise, it is a real truth. Compromise with the director, the producer

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